Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense and the Kaohsiung City Government will be hosting the Memorandum of Cooperation Intent Signing Ceremony for the “205th Plant Relocation Project” at the Armaments Bureau 205th Plant today (5th) in which the Deputy Minister of the Armaments Bureau, General Cheng Te-Mei and Kaohsiung Mayor, Madam Chen Chu will be signing the agreement. In future, the present location of the plant will be included in the development project of the Asia New Bay Area to reform the regional finance and commerce and promote innovations in R&D development so as to become the center for promoting southern regional economic development.

The Ministry of National Defense indicated that, the subsequent relocation operations will be conducted under the principles of “Sectional Demolition and Building, and Reconstruction before Relocation” and “Not Disrupting the Production Missions” and allow full cooperation with the building projects of Kaohsiung City so as to ensure elevation of overall national economic development and promote regional construction and development policies.