Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense expressed today (29th) that in order to promote national defense education in conjunction with the annual national defense policies, the Ministry has designed advertisement materials to be distributed during the national defense activities and campaigns. This year, the advertisement material will be designed based on the theme of autonomous national defense to highlight the successes of national defense technological developments and strengthened combat training. The promotion of the advertisement materials was well-received by the public.

The Ministry of National Defense further expressed that the quantity of advertisement material procured is dependent on the organization of the national defense education campaigns, such as the summer combat camps, national defense seminars, military base tours, and school promotion campaigns. In addition, promotional gifts will be given out through activities organized in the military’s educational TV program “Chukuang Garden”, internet quizzes, and national defense education fan page to encourage the people, especially the young students to participate actively in national defense education events and strengthen the educational success.

The Ministry of National Defense indicated that, besides obtaining the advertisement materials through the aforementioned activities, the public may also contact Youth Daily News for procurement (02-23222722 ext. 860 Manager Luo). In addition, to promote the concepts of national defense and education, all advertisement materials required for social welfare and educational purposes may be reproduced after obtaining authorization from the Ministry of National Defense.