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(Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Taipei, July 26th) Regarding the Taiping Island dispute, Ministry of National Defense Spokesman Major General Chen Chung-Chi expressed that the station of defense forces and patrol of Taiping Island has been transferred from the R.O.C. Military to the Coast Guard Administration since 2000, therefore the area was converted from a fortress zone to a strategic military facility restricted zone.

Major General Chen made the above statement when answering the reporters regarding the legal basis for the access restrictions of Taiping Island during the Ministry press conference.

Major General Chen indicated that, as Taiping Island is equipped with a military airport, therefore it is classified as a strategic military facility restricted area in accordance with the National Security Act. In addition, fishermen can seek assistance for emergencies or seek humanitarian aid from Taiping Island which will be provided by the Coast Guard stationed on the island.

Director of Joint Combat Department, Warfare Planning Office, Ministry of National Defense, Major General Chung Shu-Ming also further explained that the access regulation of Taiping Island was co-developed by the Ministry of National Defense and the Coast Guard Administration and was promulgated on April 30th 2013, so it is not a new regulation. At the moment, the Island is not open to the public but fishermen requiring emergency aid may visit the island to seek assistance from the Coast Guard Administration.

Major General Chen stressed that, regardless of personnel training or transportation of supplies, the Ministry of National Defense and the Coast Guard Administration will maintain close contacts to ensure the smoothness of operations and prevent security loopholes. Furthermore, the Navy and Air Force will also conduct regular routine patrols and logistics mission regardless of the circumstances so the people may rest assured.