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(Military News reporter, Wu Bo-Rong, Taipei, July 25th) In order to train talents catered to the industry needs and increase the employment opportunities of the retiring military personnel and veterans, the Vocational Training Center of the Veterans Affairs Commission has collaborated with Carrefour to offer the “Fresh Food Production Technology Specialist” program in the expectations that the “Joint Industry Training” will be able to help the retiring military personnel meet the demands of the employment market.

The Vocational Training Center of the Veterans Affairs Commission will actively provide counseling services for the retiring military personnel and veterans to ensure smooth transition to employment, and has cooperated with Carrefour to offer vocational and specialized training courses catered to the employment needs and conditions of Carrefour. During the training, the trainee assessment will be conducted jointly by the Vocational Training Center and Carrefour. After the training, trainees that have qualified will be eligible for employment by Carrefour.

The Vocational Training Center expressed that, the Joint Industry Training program will begin from today to November 30th, all retiring military personnel, veterans or family members with employment needs or require a change in careers may contact the joint service counter for more details.