Defense News


Force Summer Camp the summer combat camp of the civil national defense education arrived at the range Tienshan of Army for activities of rifle ball firing and flight trainer simulators today. The students learnt a lot by actually feeling the shocking power of ball firing and bearing the harsh biological load of pilots in the sky.

The Air Force Summer Camp arrived at the range Tienshan of Army in the morning. The students were grouped for the sessions consisting of light weapon shooting mechanical training , shooting preview, ball firing, NBC protection and CPR. Despite sweating due to the fierce sunshine in the southern Taiwan, the students managed to finish the challenge to put on the mask in 9 seconds under the killing heat. 

In the afternoon, the students returned to the Air Force Academy for the session of operating AT-3 and T-34 trainer simulators. The students were taught to launch and land the trainer simulators by the detailed instructions of the drill masters, and sensed stress resistance and prompt judgment in front of complex devices of pilots in the process. This also makes them realize that it requires plural severe and rigorous tests and tough training to be a pilot in the sky.