Defense News


(Reported by Military News Agency Journalist Wu Bo-yi in Kaohsiung on July 19) “Experiencing Life at Sea Camp” of National Defense Education Summer Boot Camp today took the trainees to visit the Navy’s Cheng Kung-class, Ji Yang-class frigates, and others and to board the landing craft to experience beachhead as well as undergo basic training of water survival. They have witnessed the diligent practice of the officers and soldiers and deepened their understanding of the navy and national defense through the visit.

During the morning course, the trainees first visited ROCS Tzu I and Lan Yang on board. All of them remembered to salute the ensign and showed their gratitude for the officers and soldiers on duty on board. Next, through the professional guidance of the core members on board, the trainees watched various weapons, equipment, and bridge, etc. to understand how the frigates protect the nation and defend the sea territory with their fighting force.

After visiting the frigates, the trainees took He Shou Landing Craft to the sea to have the first experience of sailing and facing the sea breeze. In the course of the sail, the core members of the landing craft introduced to them various types of warships of the harbor. When arriving at the place for beachhead, the trainees simulated how the officers and soldiers do to land to experience different kind of life at sea.

In the afternoon, Underwater Operations Unit arranged numerous professional courses for the trainees, including trying on the diving gear, operating the scuba, water survival, and CPR education, etc. Under the meticulous explanation and demonstration of the instructors, the trainees have acquired a variety of practical skills, experience the actual life of the navy, and have a fulfilling day.