Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Taipei, July 18th) The Chief of Staff, Ministry of National Defense, General Yen Teh-Fa inspected the Air Force units in northern Taiwan today to gain a better understanding of the combat preparation of the military units, and expressed his expectations that the cadre officers should enforce the training operations, strengthen the command, management, supervision and monitoring operations and equipment maintenance to build a strong and close-knit aerial defense and ensure national security.

Accompanied by other Ministry officials and management staff, Chief Yen inspected the radar stations and the Air Defense Artillery Company under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) where he listened to the mission briefings and sought an on-site understanding of the personnel composition of the field teams, the availability of the equipment, combat training, logistics preparation and maintenance of military discipline. He also rewarded the stationed forces for their efforts and expressed recognition for the hard work of the military forces in their long-term stationing in the rural area and safeguarding the aerial defense of Taiwan.

Considering the combat training successes of the military to be of great importance, Chief Yen pointed out that the radar stations and the Air Defense Artillery Company are important aerial defense forces, so professional training and other exercises must be enforced to ensure that every military personnel can respond to emergencies correctly and swiftly. This will in turn secure the safety and defense of the position and strengthen the overall monitoring capabilities to aerial security.

In addition, Chief Yen also expressed concern for the promotion of the military recruitment. Besides conducting discussions with the cadre officials regarding the results of the talent recruitment, retention and upgrade, Chief Yen also personally encouraged the military personnel to extend their military service during the photo sessions. Besides selecting a career path that allows room for future developments and life security, the military career can also allow them to continue fighting alongside their brothers-in-arms and contribute to the national security.