Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Sheng-Wei, Taipei, July 14th) The Ministry of National Defense expressed today that, in order to assist Taitung in the recovery of the beautiful city, the military has deployed over 1000 personnel, and 98 vehicles to offer assistance in six cities and township, namely Taitung City, Beinan Township, Luye Township, Taimali Township, Lüdao Township, and Guanshan Township. The assistance is estimated to help clear 193 collapsed roadside trees, a length of 74 km on the streets, and 365 tons of rubbish, and provide environmental disinfection for 136.8 thousand square meters.

The Ministry of National Defense states that, today they deployed an additional 114 personnel and 8 vehicles to Pingtung area to assist in the environmental cleanup of 8 schools, namely Jen-Ai Elementary School, Chaonan Primary School, Haifeng Primary School, San Duo Elementary School, Tangrong Elementary School, Huirong Primary School, Chao Sheng Elementary School, and Gongzheng Junior High School. The assistance is estimated to help clear 85 tons of rubbish.

The Ministry also expressed that, from July 6th to today, the Combat Zone forces have deployed an accumulative of 16,582 personnel and 1,632 vehicles, assisted in the evacuation of 4,103 people, stacked 13,181 sandbags, cleared 4,767 roadside trees, cleared a length of 1,352 km on the streets, 2,591.4 tons of rubbish, transported 17.5 tons of supplies and provided environmental disinfection for 217,800 square meters.

The Ministry stressed that, the cooperation with the local government in the implementation of the post-disaster restoration operations in Taitung has arrived at a conclusion today. Tomorrow, the military will offer assistance to the Malan Veterans Home and 10 junior and senior high schools, such as Tung Hai and Zhiben and deploy 350 personnel to assist the public in environmental cleanup.