Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Li Zhong-Xuan, Taipei, July 13th) Regarding the media report of “Military Personnel Gathers Military Intelligence for China”, the 8th Army Corps expressed today that the First Lieutenant Zhu of the 564 Armor Brigade was allegedly gathering military information for a civilian who goes by the surname of Mou, in exchange for unlawful gains. After interrogation by the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office, Zhu was released on bail of NT$ 30 thousand. The entire case has entered legal proceedings and the military will cooperate fully with the prosecutors.

Regarding the military espionage, the 8th Army Corps expressed that it was unfortunate and they will abide by the principles of “criminal and disciplinary punishment” for civil servants to convene a disciplinary committee hearing to issue Zhu with two major demerit points and review his disqualification. In addition, the case is now used as a case study to strengthen privacy and anti-espionage education, and increase the awareness and vigilance of the military personnel so as to ensure the security of the country.