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(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Taitung, July 10th) Accompanied by the Vice-Premier Lin Hsi-Yao, Minister of National Defense Feng Shih-Kuan, Deputy Minister of Public Construction Commission Yan Jeou-Rong, County Magistrate of Taitung Justin Huang, Legislator Liu Chao-Hao, and others, President Tsai made her way to the Green Island and Orchid Island in the afternoon to inspect the restoration works in progress after Typhoon Nepartak.

Incumbent Minister of Public Construction Commission Wu Hong-Mo was stationed in Taitung by the Executive Yuan to coordinate the disaster relief operations. In view of the relative difficulty of providing supplies and manpower to the outlying islands, President Tsai also instructed the Executive Yuan to establish a restoration station on Green Island and Orchid Island to supervise the relevant operations of manpower and supplies deployment, and ensure that the restoration works are completed in the shortest time so that the public can resume their daily activities. President Tsai also expressed thanks to the two Township Offices and the efforts of the Military, Coast Guard, police and firemen which have enabled the basic functions of traffic, water and electricity to resume normal operations in the shortest time possible.

Due to the climate affecting the flights, President Tsai and her retinue first arrived at Green Island by helicopter. After listening to a briefing report by Mayor Cheng Wen-Jen, the President and her retinue were able to understand the disaster damages and the recovery progress of traffic, water, electricity and other basic infrastructure functions.

During the inspection, President Tsai also conversed with the locals on several occasions. Besides listening to their opinions, the President also expressed concern for the lives of the villagers and the assistance needed for restoration, as well as offered them support. President Tsai expressed that the government shall devote every possible effort into the disaster restoration works, which will not only restore but also make up for the lacking infrastructure in the past.

After Green Island, the President retinue continued on to Orchid Island. Besides listening to the briefing by the Mayor Chang Ching-Lai, the President also expressed concern for issues such as the difficulty of providing supplies and if the locals have enough supplies.

After the briefing, the President proceeded to the Lan An Cultural and Educational Foundation that has suffered great damages in the typhoon. Through the conversation with the CEO of the Foundation Mala Ousi, the President was able to understand the needs of the restoration operations, and instructed on the spot that the Executive Yuan should make haste with the establishment of the restoration station so as to provide assistance to the disaster areas and help the locals return to their normal lives.