Defense News


(By Military News Agency Journalist Zhou Shen-wei in Taipei on July 8) To understand the disasters caused by Typhoon Nepartark, President Tsai Ing-wen visited Central Emergency Operation Center this evening again in order to realize the disasters around Taiwan and the responding measures taken by each related unit.

After the President arrived, Minister of the Interior Ye Jun-rong first gave a typhoon disaster response report. President Tsai first showed her gratitude for the great efforts taken by Premier Lin, the Executive team, and the staff of the Center. The police and firefighters, in particular, are engaged in both the preparations for typhoon prevention as well as the explosion at Taiwan Railway Administration. The President said, “Everyone really worked very hard,” indicating that the police rapidly familiarized themselves with the situation of the explosion and took immediate measures, preventing the general public from unnecessary panic.

The President also suggests that so far the typhoon hasn’t gone far. Each unit shall keep paying attention to the disasters, electricity and water supply, and traffic accessibility around Taiwan. Besides, Typhoon Nepartark affected Eastern and Southern Taiwan significantly. The disasters in Taitung are especially severe. Now, Premier Lin has ordered related departments and units to do their best to take restoration measures.

The President emphasizes that each unit shall make sure to keep close contact with the local government from water and electricity supply to post-disaster recovery so as to do their best to take restoration measures and help the general public to return to their normal life in the shortest period of time possible.

The President points out that besides the storm, the subsequent torrential rain might keep causing great impact on agriculture and people’s livelihood. She hopes that during the period affected by the typhoon and the explosion incident, each unit can devote themselves to their duties and protect the nation and the people, remaining vigilant enough to take precautious measures as early as possible and to make sure to reduce damage to the minimum.

Besides the President, Vice Premier Lin Hsi-yao, Spokesperson Tong Zhen-yuan, Minister of National Defense Feng Shi-kuan, Minister of Transportation and Communications He Chen-dan, Minister of Economic Affairs Li Shi-guang, Minister of Education Pan Wen-zhong, Chairperson of Council of Agriculture Cao Qi-hong, Chairperson of Council of Indigenous Peoples Icyang Parod, and Director-General of National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior Chen Guo-en also visited the Center.