Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Ze-Ying, Taipei, July 6th) Regarding the media report of “Air Force Pilot Bringing Helmet Home” the Air Force Command Headquarters expressed today that, former Tainan Air Base Pilot, Captain Ni who was transferred from Tainan Air Base to Chia-Yi Air Base in 2013, brought his own helmet to report at the Chia-Yi Air Base after completing his transfer procedures. On that night, he had returned to pick up his personal belongings, and failed to fulfill his responsibility of safekeeping by allowing his wife to try on the helmet and take photographs which were later placed on her Facebook page.

The Air Force Command Headquarters expressed that, the Chia-Yi Air Base has already conducted an investigation review pending the actions of Captain Ni, and enforced the education of personal equipment management of officers and soldiers to prevent similar incidents from repeating.