Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei, July 4th) In his report at the Foreign and National Defense Committee, Legislative Yuan, today, Minister of National Defense, Feng Shih-Kuan, first expressed his condolences to the deceased captain, Huang Wen-Zhong, and expressed his apologies to the surviving family members and injured crew members, and promised to make every effort to assist in the funeral and subsequent compensation issues.

Regarding the controversy surrounding this incident, Minister Feng stressed in his report that the Ministry of National Defense shall face and handle this incident with a responsible attitude.

Minister Feng expressed that, under the six guiding key points instructed by President Tsai during the National Security Council meeting, the Ministry of National Defense shall abide by the principles of “Facing the Issue with Courage” and “Learning from the Painful Experience” to develop feasible plans to review and improve the combat preparation exercises, weapons drills, educational training based on the themes of “precise weapons control”, “stipulating stricter exercise principles” and “Strict Training and Management Discipline”.

Minister Feng stressed that the Ministry of National Defense shall provide a detailed explanation with an “open and honest” attitude so as to clarify the doubts of the public, maintain regional peace, and make every effort to win back the trust of the people.