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(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei, July 4th) Regarding the “Missile Misfire of the Jin-Jiang Class Patrol Craft”, the Chief of Staff of the Navy Command Headquarters, Vice-Admiral Mei Chia-Shu today pointed out that the Ministry of National Defense has established an ad hoc task group to conduct a full scale investigation review on the “precise weapon control”, “stipulation of stricter operation procedures”, and “strict training and management discipline” from the aspects of academy education, troops training and practice.

Vice-Admiral Mei Chia-Shu expressed that the Navy has conducted a disciplinary review on the misfire incident to review the causes of the incident fully and accurately, and conducted seminars so that other military departments can learn from the experiences. After which, the Navy will conduct inspections at other units to ensure that similar incidents will not happen again.

Vice-Admiral Mei Chia-Shu indicated that, before conducting the precise weapon exercise training, the cadre officers will oversee the operation procedures to ensure that the procedures are conducted and checked in accordance to the order in the checklists before, during and after the execution of the missions. The supervising officers will conduct secondary supervision to ensure strict compliance with the security measures. The supervising officers and security officers are responsible for overseeing the entire process and may not leave their posts to ensure exercise safety.

Vice-Admiral Mei stressed that, regarding the incident this time, it shows that some military units still contain major issues of mechanism establishment, operation discipline and personnel training. All cadre officers should adopt the attitude of “Facing the issue honestly, reviewing the issue humbly, and ensuring full-scale reforms” to make use of the opportunity to implement reforms and organize their divisions to live up to the expectations of the people.

Vice-Admiral Mei made the above statement during the “Missile Misfire of the Jin-Jiang Class Patrol Craft cum Possible Incidence Areas Evaluation Report” of the Foreign and National Defense Committee, Legislative Yuan.