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(Military News Agency Reporter Wu, Bo-Ying in Taipei on 1st)Aiming at the event of “Hsiung Feng III missile” fired accidently by  Navy warship known as Chinchiang today,  MND convened a press conference over the incident again this afternoon.
According to the MND, they feel deeply sorry to the captain being killed and injured fishermen and had already asked the Navy Command and related units to deal with the condolence to bereaved family members and subsequent matters.

MND indicated that minister Feng, Shih-Kuan directed the chief of the general staff admiral Yan, De-Fan to organize a project team going south and asked the Navy Command to investigate the cause of event.  Meanwhile, the rescue unit was requested to start the rescue work immediately.  Upon the investigation by now, it had cause the death of captain Huang of Hsiang Li Sheng fishing boat and the minor injured had been discharged from the hospital after being sent to Tainan City Hospital for treatment.