Defense News


(Military News Agency Reporter Hsu, Cheng-Wei in Taipei on 28th)Aiming at the event that marine solider tortured  “Shiaobai” to death  causing the concern of all circles, the minister of National Defense Feng, Shih-Kuan not only expressed his deeply sorry to the society as facing the protest of groups and public in front of Boai Camp of MND, but also requested for the severe punishment to person involved pursuant to laws today.   Subsequently, the volunteers of animal protection groups will be invited to be the teachers to make propaganda for respect of lives and deepen  the correct concept of officers and soldiers to “respect lives and love animals”. 

According to Minister Feng, he felt very grieved and angry after seeing the video at very first time and stressed that he had just completed the speech to all the officer and soldiers in MND.   It is hoped that the broadcast on Juguang Day may teach officers and soldiers to respect lives and provide care to minority animals. 

Minister Feng indicated that this behavior is unforgivable.  All related personnel have taken serious review and punishment as well as managed the case in accordance with “Animal Protection Act”.  He believed that the most important thing now is to educate officers and soldiers not to treat animals like this and have the concept of loving animals rooted in their minds.  

 Minister Feng stressed that MND will holds the principle of correcting every mistake you make. Therefore, the animal protection and safety, animal protection related laws will be promoted to all military soldiers on Juguang Day.  He will do effort and hope the communication with people face to face may earn the trust of public.