Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Zhuo Yi-Li, Taichung, June 21st) The 58th Artillery Command of the 10th Army Corps will be conducting the “Artillery Training” briefing session for 2016 in the Gaoxi Fishermen Community Center in Qingshui District, Taichung City. The briefing session will introduce the annual artillery training drill this year and request the community to support the military exercise mission so as to build a strong combat force to defend our national security.

Conducted by the commander of the 58th Artillery Command, Colonel Shao, the briefing session will invite the community residents of Gaomei, Gaodong, Gaoxi, Gaobei and Gaonan areas of the Qingshui District to participate and through the briefing and videos, the military will be able to build rapport and establish good communication with the community residents.

Commander Shao expressed that, as the Fanziliao base is the only training area for the artillery forces in central Taiwan to conduct artillery live shooting, the military will avoid the dedicated fishing areas to protect the marine ecology in the economic zones and fishing zones so as to reduce the adverse impacts on fishing activities.