Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Liu Teh-Qing, Taipei, June 20th) The Ministry of National Defense expressed today that due to the recent unfavorable weather conditions in the Matsu area which caused a number of tourists to be stranded there, the Ministry of National Defense will be accommodating the requests from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and deploy 1 C-130 transport aircraft flight to assist in the transportation of 70 tourists and military personnel from the Nangan Airport in Matsu to Taiwan.

The Ministry of National Defense indicated that the flight was originally scheduled to return to Songshan Airbase. However, due to poor weather conditions at Songshan Airbase, the flight landed in Hsinchu Airbase and shuttle buses were provided by Hsinchu Airbase for the 43 passengers travelling to central and southern Taiwan to get to Hsinchu Railway Station where they could transfer to other forms of transportation. For the 27 passengers traveling to northern Taiwan, after verifying weather conditions, the passengers boarded the original flight to Songshan Airbase at 5:15 pm, thus the transport mission was completed successfully.

The Ministry of National Defense expressed that, in the spirit of safe, active and efficient service, the Ministry will cooperate with the transport plan of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications so that C-130 transport aircrafts can be deployed to assist in personnel transport in the shortest time possible when the need for contingent transport arises in the outlying islands.

This year, as of today, the Air Force has deployed over 78 flights C-130 transport aircraft to assist in the personnel transport from Kinmen, Matsu, and Penghu to Taipei and Kaohsiung, accounting for a total of 3,763 transported personnel.