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(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Ying-Zhu, Taipei 15th) To provide a diversity of enrichment methods for military personnel and to provide current military personnel with vocational training courses in the military bases, the Foreign and National Defense Committee, Legislative Yuan will review Article 6 and 16 amendments of the “Act of Military Education” today, and include new provisions, Article 21-2. With the passing of the preliminary review, it will be submitted to the Legislative Yuan for review.

Deputy Minister of National Defense, General Li Chia-Ming expressed during his report, since the promulgation of the “Act of Military Education” in 1999, the Act has been revised 4 times to improve the comprehensiveness of the military education system, to allow volunteer military personnel to use their free time to study for vocational courses and help them obtain for a degree. At the same time, the military personnel can also balance their combat training duties in the expectations that through the expansion of enrichment channels, more students will be encouraged to take up a military career, in turn promoting the successful implementation of military recruitment.

The Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Ministry of National Defense, Lieutenant General Xu Yan-Pu further explained that, by the associate bachelor, bachelor, and master’s degree vocational training courses are offered in 16 universities such as Taipei City University of Science and Technology. The amendment this time is in compliance with regulations and will facilitate the smooth building of a comprehensive military education system. For the long-term military recruitment policies, the measures will advocate the people to take up military careers and ensure the stability of troop supplies, so that adverse effects will be held. In addition, the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Education, Zhu Jun-Zhang pointed out the results of military discussions and added that the system currently offers up to Master’s degrees.

According to Article 21-2 of the new amendment, to provide new enrichment methods for the military volunteers, the Ministry of National Defense will coordinate efforts with the colleges to offer vocational training courses in the military bases which are not restricted by Article 24 of the “University Act” and vacancies and methods restricted by Article 31 of the Junior College Act.