Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Li-Xing, Taipei, June 4th) During the inspection visit of the Air Defense Missile Command today, Ministry of National Defense Deputy Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Wang Hsin-Lung acknowledged the hard work put in by the officers and soldiers at their posts and their efforts in combat training. He also issued welfare funds on behalf of the Minister of National Defense Feng Shih-Kuan as an early festival greeting.

Upon arriving at the Air Defense Missile Command in the morning, Deputy Chief Wang listened to the mission briefing reports and encouraged the cadre officers to pay attention to tasks such as the development of pilot instructors, the connection between missions, the diet of the officers and soldiers, as well as the improvement of personnel quality, so as to build a quality working environment and encourage the unity of the officers and soldiers, which will in turn inspire them to win honor for themselves and the military.

Deputy Chief Wang expressed that, with the Dragon Boat Festival just around the corner, the cadre officers should implement pre-leave education for the officers and soldiers before the holidays, order their subordinates to comply with military disciplinary and safety regulations, avoid complicated and inappropriate places. At the same time, the cadre officers should ensure communication with the relatives of the military personnel to better understand the activities of the officers and soldiers inside/outside the military base and achieve the objectives of “zero disciplinary infractions”.