Defense News


(By Reporter of Military News Agency Li Yi-hau in Taipei on June 2) Deputy Minister of National Defense Admiral Li Xi-ming hosted a joint inauguration and honors ceremony for senior core members today, hoping that all the members of Ministry of National Defense can do their best and work hard together to construct a new vision regarding national defense and safety and army establishment and combat readiness.

The ceremony took place in the morning at Boai Military District, Ministry of National Defense. Under the order, supervision, and oath of Deputy Minister Li, Administrative Deputy Minister Lieutenant General Bo Hong-hui and Director of Comptroller Bureau Major General Chen Guo-sheng are officially inaugurated. After the ceremony, Deputy Ministare Li awarded Administrative Deputy Minister Bo with Order of Precious Tripod with Special Cravat and Director Chen with Four-Star Medal of Distinguished Service, A-Second Class respectively in honor of their excellent performance in the previous position.

Deputy Minister Li suggests that with complicated affairs regarding national defense, army establishment and combat readiness, it is hoped that under the instructions and leadership of the two newly inaugurated officers, the affiliated staff can take initiatives to coordinate and cooperate with one another and continue to realize the wisdom of the whole community with the spirit of “being responsible and staying true” so as to plan for the grand mission of army establishment, defend the glorious history and mission of the armed forces, and help the armed forces be respected by the society and trusted by the people.