Defense News


(By Reporter of Military News Agency Zhou Li-xing in Pingtung on June 2)  Deputy Chief of Staff, Ministry of National Defense Lieutenant General Wang Xin-long today supervised Lian Yong No.105-6 Drill. The officers and soldiers of ROCMC 66th Marine Brigade taking the test successfully achieved the goal with their high morale and skillful skills, showing excellent achievements of their hard work in training themselves in daily life.

The Drill is divided into two phases and held at Renshoushan and Baolishan Training Ground. Accompanied by directors of related departments, Ministry of National Defense, Deputy Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Wang Xin-long supervised the whole process of the hands-on drill. Students of Army Academy R.O.C. also observed the drill in order to better their competency to become military officers in the future. 

During the drill, the troops carried out preparations before attack, expulsion of the opponent outpost troops, fighting for targets, and pursuit and attack at a battlefield, etc. The excellent forces from the air and ground, including air force IDF, F-16 Fighters, AH-1W SuperCobra, and M109A2 howitzer of ROCMC, and a variety of forces attacked the target areas.  The anti-armor troop destroyed the enemy armored forces with Javelins and towed missiles. The affiliated tanks and armored vehicles gradually pushed forward with the infantry according to the conditions of the war and finally took over the target and completed the drill. The whole process was tense and realistic.

After the end of the approximately 2-hour drill, Deputy Chief of Staff Wang represented Minister Feng Shi-kuan to award the troops with bonus to show gratitude for the hard work of the officers and soldiers and encourage their achievements and excellent performance of their diligent trainings.