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(Military News Agency reporter, Wu Bo-Rong, Kaohsiung, June 1st) The filial act of “donating liver to save his father” by Private First Class Zheng Ya-Xin of the 39th Chemical Warfare Group, 8th Army Corps was acknowledged by the medical personnel and his fellow soldiers. 8th Army Corps Commander Lieutenant Ji visited him at the Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in the morning to ask after his health and wished them a speedy recovery.

At the beginning of the year, Zheng’s father condition of liver cirrhosis had deteriorated to liver failure and had to undergo liver transplant. As the eldest son, Zheng Ya-Xin decided to donate his liver to save his father. The living donor liver transplantation was conducted in Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital last month in which Zheng donated 60% of his liver to his father and his filial act was spread among the military and among the hospital wards.

heng Ya-Xin who is now transferred to an ordinary ward, expressed that, despite the pain of the wound during his initial recovery in the intensive care unit, he was still very worried about his father. He mustered enough spirit to tell his father through video chat, “You have worked so hard. After recovery, I will bring you around the world.” His father replied, “I am grateful for your donation. From now on, let us be healthy together and live happily.”

During his recuperation in the hospital, Commander Ji was very concerned with his health and visited the hospital with welfare gifts to express his respect for his filial piety.