Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Sheng-Wei, Taipei, May 25th) Following the visit to the rescue forces for the “0206 Tainan Earthquake” yesterday, Chairman of the Friends of Armed Forces Association, Li Dong-Liang today led another delegation to visit the standing forces in the northern military bases to thank the soldiers for their steadfast devotion to their posts and their contributions to the defense of our homeland, and wished them a Happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance.

Accompanied by Secretary General Tseng You-Fu, Director of Political Warfare, Army Command Headquarters, Lieutenant General Huang Kai-Sen, vice-Chairman Tu and General Manager Tsai from Union Chinese Corporation, Manager Xu and Manager Shen from Hui-Tung Corporation, Chairman Li first visited the 621st battalion of the Air Defense Missile Command, then visited the 3rd Infantry Battalion and other units of the Guandu Area Command to offer comfort to the officers and soldiers for their hard work and presented them with monetary rewards for additional dishes during the festival as a token of appreciation for the officers and soldiers.

During his speech, Chairman Li expressed that the military forces guarding the Guandu area are responsible for protecting the political and economic center of Taiwan. They are also the first line of rescue forces to be deployed should natural disasters occur in northern Taiwan. In the previous dust explosion incident in Eight Immortals Park and the TransAsia air crash incident, they are the first to be deployed in the rescue operations and have become a major force for reassuring the people. Chairman Li said to the officers and soldiers, “It is nice to have you around” on behalf of the society.

Upholding his belief “Where the needs of the soldiers are, where the Friends of Armed Forces Association will be”, Chairman Li pointed out that the Association has conducted several welfare visits each year to honor the military personnel. In future, the Association will continue to promote a diversity of services for military personnel and their dependents to boost the morale and dignity of the military. He also announced that this year, the Association will be offering free trips to Japan to role models in the military to express its thanks and support for the “Military Care for Civilians, Civilians Respect Military” policy.

In the process, besides reminding the officers and soldiers to take a break from personal pressures, Chairman Li also interacted one by one with the officers and soldiers and asked after their lives and work conditions.