Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Taipei, May 24th) In response to the media regarding the “stand of the military” in the routine press conference today, Ministry of National Defense spokesman Colonel Chen Chung-Ji stressed that the military belongs to the country, and the military shall abide by the “Constitution of the Republic of China” and obey the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief to protect the people and the security of the country.

Colonel Chen pointed out that Article 138 of the Constitution of the Republic of China and Article 6 of the National Defense Act stipulates that “The land, sea and air forces of the whole country shall be above personal, regional, or party affiliations, shall be loyal to the state, and shall protect the people.” At the same time, the military shall abide with the framework of the Constitution to obey the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief selected in accordance with the Constitution procedures so as to do their best in combat training and strengthening the defense of Taiwan.

Colonel Chen expressed that the military is duty-bound to protect the safety of the nation, the lives of the people, their properties and welfare. Military forces at all levels shall abide by the guidance of the national defense policies to do their duties and not let down the trust of the people.