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(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Kaohsiung, May 19th) In the “Mental Health Education and Counseling Seminar” organized by the 205th Production Center of the Military Armaments Bureau today, instructor Yeh Chiu-Fang from the Kaohsiung Teacher Chang Center was invited to give a talk on the theme, “Exploring the Mood and Pressure Responses From Autonomic Dysfunction and how to Start your Quantum Change”. In the seminar,  topics such as neuroscience and meditation are touched upon to allow the officers and soldiers to understand the consciousness and the subconscious and to help them learn how to relieve pressure and manage their emotions, and inspire positive thinking.

Hosted by the Director of the Production Center, Major General Ding, the seminar was attended by all officials and counselors. Through the insightful explanation and meditation, the attendees were led from cognition, awareness, redirection to creation of new self-values. In conjunction with the sharing of case studies, they understood the importance of positive thinking and emotional self-awareness.

Director Ding also encouraged the staff to do their best in their work, and to ensure proper pressure relief and emotion management. When needed, personnel should seek professional assistance, share positive energy with their co-workers and shape a harmonious working environment together.