Defense News


(Reported by Intern Reporter of Military News Agency Li Huan-rui on May 18) Ministry of National Defense Medical Affairs Bureau signed a cooperation memorandum with New Taipei City Fire Department today at Boai Military District. The Directors of both Parties Lieutenant General Wu Yi-chang and Huang De-qing served as representatives for the signing and exchanging of the memorandum, which will reinforce the armed forces’ emergency medical rescue ability through the integration of the government’s disaster relief and medical resources.

Medical Affairs Bureau points out that disaster relief has been one of the missions of the armed forces. To persistently reinforce emergency medical rescue skills, the Bureau will establish various reciprocal medical mechanisms after signing a memorandum with New Taipei City Fire Department. Through the multiple cooperation, proper medical rescue for the injured and diseased soldiers and civilians can be provided effectively, and the survival rate will be increased.

Medical Affairs Bureau suggests, in the future, the Bureau will offer index information regarding medical instructions for doctors and clinical paths to New Taipei City Fire Department whereas the Department will provide online medical instructions for the armed forces’ emergency medical technicians, establish medical procedure ratification in advance, and provide mobile emergency cloud equipment and operation platform systems for the armed forces.

Besides, both Parties share resources concerning emergency medical training, rescue quality promotion and evaluation, data analysis, etc. and conduct research and technology development together for the purpose of strengthening medical rescue quality.

Medical Affairs Bureau emphasizes that the results of the exchange of information and data analysis with New Taipei City Fire Department can serve as reference for military injury medical research and development and advance emergency medical training before the injured and patients are sent to the hospital so that the armed forces can become strong support “relieving the disaster in daily times and fight against the enemy during the war” and take the responsibility to defend for the people’s life and safety.