Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Xu Zhen-Wei, Kaohsiung, May 16th) To commemorate the touching stories of the navy in their 「Defense of the Country, Protection of the People」, and their defense of our marine territory, the Navy Command Headquarters hosted the opening ceremony of the 「Zuo-Ying Military Base Story Museum」 at Si-Hai-Yi-Chia building in Zuo-Ying and bore witness to the long-term efforts of the navy in preserving the history of the Zuo-Ying military base and the Navy.

Hosted by the Chief of the Navy Command Headquarters, Admiral Lee Hsi-Min, the ceremony invited the Deputy Minister of National Defense, navy veterans and the alumni of the 「Marine School」, village representatives, artifact providers and experts to participate. The ceremony began with an appreciation of the history of the military base in the Si-Hai-Yi-Chia building, followed by the 「Golden Monkey Annunciation」 performance by the Bangzi opera team, and the choir performance by the Yung-Ching Primary School. After which, the audience were led on an introduction of the 「Zuo-Ying Military Base Story Museum」 by dedicated guides and the scene was lively and touching.

During his speech, Admiral Lee expressed that, as a member of the Navy, he has special affections for the Zuo-Ying military base. The Zuo-Ying Base is like a great family. The establishment of the 「Story Museum」 is expected to present a history of warm and touching stories, to allow the people who have once lived in the base to relive their memories. He also expects that the establishment of the story museum will allow more members of the society and youths to know more about the military base and pay their tributes to the navy officers and soldiers for their selfless contributions in that era.

Using the reconstruction of the Si-Hai-Yi-Chia building in the Zuo-Ying military base, the 「Story Museum」 is aimed to preserve and promote the navy history relics, create new liveliness in the Navy and continue the common beliefs, flavor and memories of military families, and to achieve the functions of commemorating the past and promoting heritage, inspiration, education and entertainment.

The long-term exhibition in the Story Museum is based on the timeline and revolves around the stories of the navy, military families and the local area. The exhibition is divided into 9 themes such as early Zuo-Ying, the Japanese invasion, the landscape under Japanese Occupation, the years of war and strife, the influence of the US forces, the retrocession and rebuilding of Taiwan, the establishment of the navy schools, unity of military and families, and the introduction of innovation. These themes provide a connection between the stories of the Zuo-Ying military base and the villages, allowing a re-visit to the forgotten memories and share in the difficulties and pride of being a navy family.

The 「Zuo-Ying Military Base Story Museum」 is open from 9 to 17, on Tuesdays to Sundays. The opening hours will be extended to 8 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Members of the public, feel free to visit the Museum.