Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Zhuo Yi-Li, Taichung, May 5th) To spread the greatness of mother love and educate the officers and soldiers on filial piety, the 10th Army Corps will be holding the “Mother’s Day Thanksgiving Activity” today at Xing-Chung Villa where the commander Lieutenant General Chen will be presenting Carnation flowers and chocolate to the married comrades in arms for their contributions to the army and to their families.

Commander Chen expressed that, this is an era of gender equality and the female military officers and soldiers are equally proficient in work performance as their male counterparts. The female officers and soldiers who are also mothers have also ensured that their work performance will not be affected by their domestic duties despite the added workload, so comparatively they have better performance and should be the role model for other officers and soldiers.

In the event, the officers and soldiers presented songs such as “The Greatness of Mother Love” which moved some to tears, making the entire process heartwarming. Towards the end of the event, Commander Chen reminded everyone that, as children, everyone should be filial whenever they can and cherish the people around them, as well as wish the female officers and soldiers a happy Mother’s Day and family bliss and happiness.