Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Sheng-Wei, Taoyuan, April 27th) In the inspection visit on the combat preparations of the 601st Air Cavalry Brigade of the Army and the researches of the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology today, the Foreign and National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan proposed many policies and suggestions for improvements to which the Administrative Deputy Minister of the Ministry of National Defense, Lieutenant General Wang Hsin-Lung thanked the legislators for their concern for national defense affairs and their constructive advice on behalf of the Minister of National Defense Gao Guang-Chi.

Led by the convener legislator Chiang Chi-Chen, the Foreign and National Defense Committee members, Lu Yu-Ling, Lu Sun-Ling, Lim Tshiong-Tso, Tsai Shih-Ying, Hsu Chih-Jung, first visited the 601st Air Cavalry Brigade where they listened to the briefings and gain understanding of the history, mission, unit organization, combat training and community relations of the military unit.

The legislators then went into the fields to the Ah-64E helicopter hangar where they listened to the pilot explain the functions of the helicopter. After which, the legislators were led to the simulation room. Under the assistance of the instructor officers, the legislators boarded the helicopter simulation to experience the operations of the pilot during take-off, landing and aerial maneuvers, as well as the handling under sub-optimal weather conditions and at night. The experience allowed the legislators to observe first-hand the response competency of the officers and soldiers during the missions and in emergencies, leaving a deep impression.

After which, the Committee then proceeded to visit the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology to understand the development of military and civilian dual-purpose equipment and the latest research results. After listening to the mission briefings and enjoying the multimedia introduction, the legislators then made a field investigation to observe an actual display of the missile systems, as well as understand the future applications of the communication systems developed by the Institute.

On behalf of the Minister of National Defense, the Administrative Deputy Minister expressed gratitude to the legislators for their constructive advice and stressed that the military shall make good use of the suggestions to improve the national defense policies and strive for better performance in combat training to fulfill its role as the strong shield for national progress and development.