Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Taipei, April 26th) President Ma Ying-Jeou inspected the “32nd Han Kuang Computer-Aided Command Exercise” today and acknowledged the hard work of the officials and soldiers in the training, and expressed his expectation that the people of Taiwan should maintain a sense of danger and high awareness to ensure national security.

In the morning, President Ma visited the Ministry of National Defense Joint Combat Training Center and the Joint Combat Command Center. Accompanied by the Minister of National Defense, Gao Guang-Chi and Chief of General Staff Yen Teh-Fa, President Ma listened to the briefing reports and used video-conferencing to receive the reports of the exercise from the tactical combat units to understand the military exercise. The President also issued Group awards to the military and expressed his acknowledgement and encouragement for the military officers and soldiers who have demonstrated their active attitude in the defensive exercise.

President Ma expressed that, although cross-straits relations are progressing towards stable development, and the people of Taiwan are now able to enjoy peace and prosperity away from the dangers of war, the book “The Methods of the Sima” proposed that “A country, no matter its size, will still perish if it seeks war actively. The world, no matter how peaceful, is a dangerous place if people forget the threats of war.” The military officers and soldiers, and the people of Taiwan should maintain high vigilance for national security and must not falter.

Faced with the current military threats, President Ma expects the military to uphold the strategic guidance of “Protect and Defend, Effective Deterrence”. The military should seek innovation and continue to develop new asymmetric warfare to develop a defense force that is “Un-frightened, Un-Chewable, Un-Swallow-able, and Unbreakable” so that the enemy will be unwilling to spark off a war, thus achieving our strategic aims of “Protect and Defend, Effective Deterrence”.

In addition, the President stressed that, military building is a job for the country, not for factions. Regardless of the ruling party, the mission of the military will never change. The military shall become the strong support and shield for the development of peace and democratic constitutionalism, and they shall demonstrate their unwavering stand in defending Taiwan, and protecting regional peace. They will use their actions to implement Article 137 of the Constitution of the Republic of China which stipulates that “The national defense of the Republic of China shall have as its objective the safeguarding of national security and the preservation of world peace.

President Ma was accompanied by Secretary-General of the Presidential Office, Zeng Yung-Quan, Secretary-General of the National Security Council Gao Hua-Chu and others during the inspection of the “32nd Han Kuang Computer-Aided Command Exercise”.