Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei, April 22nd) The Minister of National Defense will be awarding the Order of Resplendent Banner with Grand Cordon Medal to the Deputy Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Pan Chia-Yu to commemorate his outstanding contributions during his military service.

The Medal Awarding Ceremony will be held in the Bo-Ai Building of the Ministry of National Defense in the morning. The Minister acknowledged that the Deputy Commander had devoted his youth to the country and has always proposed visionary ideas and guidance with clarity of mind and forward planning during his service at major positions, as well as completing several important missions which allowed the military to improve and grow stronger with the advancements of time.

Minister Gao expressed his expectations that the Deputy Commander should uphold the beliefs of “Supporting and loving the military”, and continue to show his support for military building after his retirement by offering constructive suggestions to promote the stable development of national defense.

The Minister also reminded the personnel present that, despite an easing of the Taiwan Straits tension, the infiltration and spying attempts of the enemy has never ceased, so retiring military personnel and personnel currently in service should abide by the laws of confidentiality and maintain high awareness to prevent the disclosure of classified information or violation of National Security Secrecy laws, even after their retirement or re-employment in other careers.