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(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Li-Xing, April 24th) The Ministry of National Defense has stipulated this year as the “Military Volunteer Training Year” and established training items, such as “Three Basic Physical Fitness”, “Combat Fitness”, “Comprehensive Combat Skills”, “Bare Hand and Armed Swimming”, “Combat Shooting”, “Sniper Training”. This year marks the first time the Army Penghu Defense Command has practiced the “Combat Shooting” training in front of the media and disclosed the training method of the Army, in the hopes of increasing the confidence of the people.

Penghu Defense Command pointed out that the training method of the combat shooting is classified into four stages, war gaming simulation, distance closing, drill exercises and live exercises, to train the shooters in handling, concepts and procedures in actual enemy situations progressively, and then implement the whole live firing training to evaluate the results based on the accuracy.

In terms of the shooting procedures, Penghu Defense Command expressed that the combat shooting is implemented in teams of three where the 2nd and 3rd soldier will fire 2 rounds in prone position at the 300m mark, and then advance to the 250m mark when the team leader will fire 2 shots in prone position. When the 2nd and 3rd soldier has progressed to the 175m mark, they will fire off 6 rounds each and advance toward the 150m mark. At this point, the team leader will shoot 6 rounds in prone position before the entire team advance towards the 75m mark where they will throw a training grenade and fire 6 rounds in kneeling position. When they have reached the 30m charge stage, they will fire 10 rounds in standing position. The entire procedure will require 24 rounds of ammunition and 1 training grenade for each member. Team members will have to provide cover for each other and advance using defensive tactics within the 12 minutes allocated.

The Penghu Defense Command expressed that according to the calculation of the target scores, 19 hits out of the 24 rounds, or if the grenade scores a direct hit and 17 rounds have hit the target, then the member will have scored above 70 marks, and pass the test.

Penghu Defense Command stressed that the training aim of the combat shooting is to simulate a real-life situation and to train the combat units in team tactics, commands, and the reliability of the shooters in combat shooting as the basis for base training. The exercise will prove beneficial for the joint combat shooting exercise with other platoons, companies, and battalions in base training and effectively improve the shooting results.