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(Military News Agency reporter, Chou Sheng-Wei, Taipei, April 19th) The latest military micro movie “I am Safe, Thank You!” has received widespread popularity following its launch on the Facebook page of the Ministry of National Defense. Within just 12 hours, the micro movie has attracted over 300 thousand visits. Besides “Liking” and “Sharing” the movie, netizens also left comments, such as “Tribute to the Military”, “Thank you, Instructors”, and “Very Touching” to express their acknowledgement for the spirit of selfless sacrifice and contribution demonstrated by the officers and soldiers.

Adapted from the real-life stories of Air Force Mirage Fighter Jet Pilot, Colonel Wang Tung-Yi, and Thunder Tiger Team, Colonel Chuang Bei-Yuan, the 6-minute long micro movie described how an Air Force pilot was frequently unable to accompany his family due to missions, missing the opportunity to watch his children mature, and despite the guilt of not being able to stay with his family, he still strived his best to complete his missions. During one training mission, an engine failure forced the pilot to make a decision between life and death. According to air traffic control tower instructions, he was supposed to eject from the fighter jet but he was worried about the casualties of the innocent civilians, so he guided the aircraft away from schools, high-rise buildings and residential houses and towards the farmlands. Despite missing his opportunity to escape, he defended the people on the ground and stood by his responsibility to protect the people.

The slogan at the end of the micro movie, “Your Safety is the Primary Concern of National Defense.” demonstrates the mission of every officer and soldier to defend the country and protect its people and the spirit to sacrifice their lives if necessary.