Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Taoyuan, April 19th) “The sounds of the gunfire gave me a shock.” Recalled a Jhih Shan High School 2nd year student who was led by school military officers to participate in the 25m T91 live firing practice at “Ling Yun Gang Firing Range” today. The sounds of gunfire as they pulled the trigger and the irreplaceable experience and jolt will definitely become a memory and experience they will never forget.

Feeling eager and nervous, the students of Jhih Shan High School boarded the buses to the Ling Yun Gang Firing Range in the morning. After the firing range officer has instructed them on the rules of the firing range and the safety precautions, the students put on their iron helmets and bulletproof vests before entering the live firing area. There, the commanding officer of the firing range will issue commands, such as “Shooters in Position”, “Prone Positions”, “Bullet Loading - 5 Rounds”, “Left (Right) Preparation”, and “Unlock Safety”, to ensure the systematic preparation for shooting. After aiming at the targets, shooters will conduct single round mode shooting. The entire shooting practice was completed successfully.

In this firing practice, French exchange student, Thomas Furet, was also allowed to participate in the military training courses with his classmates, in addition to the professional knowledge, cultural and language courses. This is a rare national defense experience and will be beneficial for understanding the meaning and significance of our national defense education.