Defense News


(Military News Agency Report Lin Ze-ting reported on April 18 in Taipei) 2016 Northern Taiwan Army and Civilian Joint Air-Defense Drill (Wanan No.39) took place today. At 1:30 pm, the air-defense alarm was released on time. Vehicles and pedestrians were immediately evacuated. Among them, Taipei City Government arranged a realistic joint disaster rescue drill for Daan, Beitou, Wenshan, and Zhongzhen District Offices at the square in front of Taipei City Hall.

Hosted by Mayor Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Army and Civilian Joint Air-Defense Drill included the test of preparedness for “City Hall building being attacked by missiles,” “evacuation of a large number of injured people,” “evacuation practice,” and “disaster rescue exercise” in order to simulate the integration of the convening of video conferencing at district offices after a disaster occurs, effectively integrate resources of each department, and promptly and correctly handle the disaster when it happens. 

Taipei City Government indicates that the Drill is to establish people the ideas of being prepared for danger and taking preventive measures. Through the drill, possible power to be mobilized in the City can be understood. When a disaster really happens, the Government can take immediate measures effectively as expected.