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(Military News Agency Reporter Cai Zong-heng reported on April 14, Taipei) Director of  Friends of Armed Forces Association Li Dong-liang led a delegation group today to visit Air Operation Center of Air Force Central Command and celebrate the birthday of those born in April together. They not only wished them a happy birthday, but also expressed their gratitude for defense our national and people and hard work of and contributions to their duties.

  Accompanied by Secretary General of the Association Zeng You-fu, and others, Director Li visited Air Operation Center of Air Force Central Command and showed their respect for the officials and soldiers. In the process, they interacted with one another enthusiastically in warm atmosphere.

Director Li suggested that when he visited the radar station of Air Operation Center of Air Force Central Command in Shimen, he promised them he would visited the Center. Therefore, he took the chance to celebrate the birthday with them at the birthday party today.

Director Li expressed his appreciation for the officials and soldiers to make contributions to their duties perseveringly and efforts and hard work to take related military trainings. He also emphasized that in the future, the Association will promote diverse services for officials, soldiers, and their families so as to boost the morale and dignity of the armed forces, consolidate the families’ and people’s identification of and support for them and become a strong backup for the armed forces.

When Captain of the Center Major-General Yang made his greetings, he showed great appreciation for Director Li to lead the delegation group to visit the radar station at a remote area in high mountains for many times to express their concerns about the hard work of the officials and soldiers. They significantly boosted the morale of the officials and soldiers. These officials and soldiers really appreciated the concern by Friends of Armed Forces Association, and they are devoted to doing their duties well and executing missions of various military trainings so as not to fail the people’s trust.

During the party, Director Li also shook hands and chatted with the officials and soldiers table by table to express his concern about their life and work. His great concern about them is beyond expression