Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Xu Zhen-Wei, Hualien, April 13th) The “2016 High Ranking Officials School Campaign” organized by the Ministry of National Defense is held in the National Hualien Industrial Vocational Senior High School today. Through the sharing of experiences by the officers and soldiers, and the talent recruitment, the students are offered a better understanding of our national defense and of the military recruitment programs so that they may be attracted to take up a military career and join the ranks of the armed forces.

To promote military recruitment and advocate the importance of national defense to the public, the commander of the Hualien Defense Command, Lieutenant General Bai and the commander of the Navy 168th Fleet, Admiral Lin also arrived at the school to visit the principal, Yeh Ri-Sheng to acknowledge the school’s long term support in defense affairs, and for offering the event venue which enabled deeper communication and interaction between the military and the public.

In the Youth Forum, Commander Bai pointed out that through the improvement of military camp facilities, striving for better military welfare benefits and offering better treatment and dignity, the military will be able to continue to promote military recruitment. Signing up for a military career offers not only a chance at personal training, but also different channels for increasing professional competency. He hopes that aspiring youths will consider taking up a military career.

In the following events, the atmosphere was brought lively through the dance performances of the National Defense Mascot and the Hualien Indigenous Dance Troupe which was followed by the comprehensive combat skill performance by the officers and soldiers of the Hualien Defense Command Infantry Battalion. The students were treated to a display of dazzling techniques in imposing manners in the hopes that they may look forward to military life and enjoy an unique experience in life.