Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Xu Zhen-Wei, Taipei, April 11th) In the Foreign and National Defense Committee Meeting today, Deputy Minister of National Defense Chen Yeong-Kang submitted a report on the amendment of the “Act Of Military Service System” and explained that the act amendment was aimed to meet the requirements for the promotion of military affairs and the addition of regulations will ensure the conformation to the rule of law.

During the meeting in the morning, the Ministry of National Defense submitted a report on the amendment while the legislators proposed their inquiries and suggestions on the details. After which, the review included Articles 17, 18, 37, 41 and 44 of the “Act Of Military Service System”, amongst which Articles 17, 41 and 44 were amended according to the suggestions proposed by the Legislative Yuan and the other articles will remain unchanged as proposed by the Ministry of National Defense.

Chen Yeong-Kang pointed out that, the Act amendment was aimed to conform to the national sports and athletic team evaluation departments and the stipulation of measures for the athletics serving military service, as well as to conform to the Convention for Elimination of Gender Discrimination and to promote gender equality so as to amend the criteria for the application for delayed enlistment of sole breadwinners.

Chen Yeong-Kang also expressed that, in order to implement the welfare policies for the military personnel and their families, the bereavement policy was amended to allow burial in the Military Cemetery for military personnel or family that have died due to sicknesses, accidents, war or in the course of public duty, as well as veterans and their families.