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(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei, April 5th) Today marks the 41st anniversary of late president Chiang Kai-Shek. In times of national stability and prosperity, the military officers and soldiers and the people should cherish the memory of president Chiang’s contributions to Taiwan and its people and develop the sentiment of “Demonstrating Loyalty to the Country and People”.

Recalling the past, President Chiang had inherited the legacy of the founding father Sun Yat-Sen, and led nationalistic revolution on the eastern and northern conquest against the communists and against the Japanese occupying forces to achieve victory. From the retrocession of Taiwan, riots to the protection and establishment of Taiwan, President Chiang had strived to relieve Taiwan of its sufferings and hardships and devoted his efforts to the survival and development of Taiwan wholeheartedly. These contributions and sacrifices have secured President Chiang a place in the modern history of Taiwan and made him an important role in the development of Taiwan.

“Taking on the responsibility for the prosperity and survival of the nation and undaunted by the dangers” portrays the life of President Chiang in the struggle for Taiwan’s achievements. When the country is in the face of danger, he remained firm to his faith, put up with the humility and led the nation against all odds with determined resolution. His efforts helped to achieve security, resist communism, advocate the “Three Principles of the People”, and promote educational institution which formed a stable basis for the development of the country. His struggles bore witness to the history of survival and development of the country, as well as the responsibility of the people in the era.

In the struggles throughout his life, he aimed to relieve the Chinese from suffering and protect the dignity of the nation. His contributions should not be cast aside easily, and will certainly not be changed due to the changes of time. To remember the past, the military officers and soldiers taking on the responsibility of protecting the country should have a better understanding of the historical significance of the President Chiang’s endeavors and should learn from the spirit of our forefathers. They should contribute towards a better future for the country and strive to ensure the stable development of the country, and serve as the strong support for government policies with steadfast faith and will.