Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Tainan, Kaohsiung, April 7th) Accompanied by Ministry of National Defense Administrative Deputy Minister Lieutenant General Xu Pei-Shan, convener Liu Shih-Fang led the legislators of the Foreign and National Defense Committee on an inspection visit of the relocation and construction project of the Army Artillery Training Command and the combat training of the Navy 256th Combat Force today, and proposed several suggestions which are beneficial to the implementation of the national defense policies.

The convener legislator Liu Shih-Fang was accompanied by legislators Wang Ding-Yu, Chen Ting-Fei, Tsai Shih-Ying, and Lu Sun-Ling as they made their way to the “Guan Miao Base” of the Army Artillery Training Command cum Missile Artillery Academy to understand better the progress and difficulties of the construction project. The legislators expressed their expectations that the Ministry of National Defense will cooperate closely with the Tainan city government to ensure that the relocation construction project can be completed on time and on par with the required quality so that the project may cultivate the mutual benefits of promoting local economic prosperity and improving national defense facilities.

After which, the inspection delegation made their way to the Navy 256th Combat Force where legislators Wang Jin-Pyng and Lo Chih-Cheng also joined the delegation team to express their concern for national defense affairs. The legislators listened to the mission briefings to understand better the state of maintenance of the 4 submarines in Taiwan, the combat training situation and the planning for “Locally Built Ships”. Having witnessed the hard work of the officers and soldiers in combat training and equipment maintenance, the legislators expressed their acknowledgement.

In addition, led by the officers of the Sea Tiger Submarine, the legislators were taken on a tour of the interior of the submarine. Besides understanding more about the facilities of the submarine and combat capacity, the legislators were also able to communicate with the officers and soldiers where they expressed that the officers and soldiers should fulfill their responsibilities of protecting the nation so as not to let down the people of Taiwan.