Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Lin Jing-Jie, Pingtung, March 31st) In the inspection visit of the “Lian-Yung 105-4 Exercise” today, Deputy Chief of General Staff cum Executive Officer General Pu Tze-Chun acknowledged the training results and cooperation exhibited by the Army 542th Armor Brigade in the tests under the leadership of the officers.

In the Exercise in the morning, the 542th Armor Brigade was assigned as the ground strike force and under the support cover provided by the aerial and artillery forces, charged in the direction of the supposed enemy forces and laid down heavy suppression fire, after which the armored forces will make use of the high mobility and precision shooting to quickly penetrate the defenses of the enemy base. The exercise fully showed the efficacy of a joint combat force.

After penetrating the frontlines of the enemy defenses, the 542th Armor Brigade will follow the orders issued by the commander to pursue the demoralized and retreating enemies with ground forces and fire, allowing a realistic experience.

After the 2 hour exercise has ended, the Executive Officer Pu Tze-Chun issued additional food allowance rewards to the troops on behalf of Minister of National Defense Gao Guang-Chi to reward the officers and soldiers for their outstanding performance in combat training.