Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter Zhou Lixing, Taipei, March 30) The public funeral ceremony for Admiral Zhao Wan-fu, former strategy advisor to president, was held at JingXing Hall of the First Funeral Parlor in Taipei City on March 30. Vice-President Wu Den-yih, on behalf of President Ma, awarded the “President Order” to commend Admiral Zhao on loyalty.

Also attending the public funeral ceremony this morning to pay respects are former premier Hau Pei-tsun, former defense ministers Wu Shih-wen, Tang Yiau-min, and Lee Jye. Current defense minister Kao Kuang-chi and important cadres of military such as the Chief of the General Staff Admiral Yen Teh-fa also attended this ceremony and presented bouquets to pay respects. The funeral ceremony is solemn and respectful.

 During the ceremony, Army Commander Admiral Chiu Kuo-cheng, Deputy Defense Minister Admiral Cheng Der Mei, Deputy Chief of the General Staff Admiral Pu Ze-Chun, and the principal of the National Defense University Admiral Wu Wan-chiao jointly draped the ROC national flag over Admiral Zhao’s coffin, showing respects on behalf of the country for Admiral Zhao.

 Admiral Zhao Wan-fu passed away in the Songshan Armed Forces General Hospital due to illness, aged 88. Admiral Zhao served in the military for all his life. He engaged in battles guarding Jidong and Tangda. He also engaged in battle of Denbu island with great victory when stationing at Zhoushan Islands in 1949. He also engaged in the 823 artillery war when guarding the Leiyu Township  in 1958. In the 823 artillery war, he served as logistics to support seizing a beachhead, afterwards he was awarded a Medal of Victorious Garrison in commendation for his outstanding achievement in war and elected with honour as the 9th National Army Battle Hero.

 During his service as a commander in Kinmen and Matsu, Admiral Zhao had great contribution to  frontline battlefield government affairs in Kinmen and Matsu. He was so excellent and one of the few generals that had served as commanders both in Matsu and Kinmen.