Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter Chen Jian-Xing, Taipei, March 29)The ceremony to commemorate National Revolutionary Martyrs of 2016 is held solemnly at the National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine in the Yuanshan area of Taipei on March 29.  President Ma Ying-jeou in person officiated at the ceremony. Also attending the ceremony to pay respects were the heads of the five Yuan: Premier Chang San-cheng, Legislative Speaker Su Jia-chyuan, the Judicial Yuan President Rai Hau-min, the Examination Yuan President Wu Jin-lin and the Control Yuan President Chang Po-ya.

President Ma was accompanied by Secretary-General to the President Tseng Yung-chuan and Secretary-General of the National Security Council Kao Hua-chu, and arrived at the Martyrs’ Shrine at 10 A.M. in a solemn fanfare. After the commencement of the ceremony, bells and drums sounded, with officials of various ranks taking their positions. After the playing of the national anthem, President Ma lit incense and presented bouquets at the memorial tablet of the National Revolutionary Martyrs'; After reciting an oration, the president led the others participating in the ceremony in bowing three times. The atmosphere of the ceremony was solemn and decorous.

   Other attendants in the ceremony include representatives from central and local public servants, armed force, police, firefighters and the relatives of martyrs.