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(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Ying-Zhu, Taipei, March 28th) The celebration and award ceremony for the 2016 Youth Day series is held in the Chientan Youth Activity Center today where outstanding youth awards are openly issued for the Youth Medal Award, Society Youth Award and the College Youth Award, amongst which 13 winners are from the military sector.

Hosted in the Qunying auditorium of the Chientan Youth Activity Center in the afternoon, the Director of the China Youth Corps, Zhang De-Cong and the guests of honor were invited to issue the certificates to the winners for this year.

During his speech, Director Zhang congratulated the youths and acknowledged their exceptional contributions. At the same time, he also encouraged the award winners to continue to strive for improvements in their duties or academic studies to contribute to the development of a harmonious society.

The winners from the military sector this year are Li Zi-Cheng from the R.O.C. Military Academy, Chen Xin-Yu from the R.O.C. Naval Academy, Tsai Dong-Yu from the R.O.C. Air Force Academy, Xiao Wen-Cheng from the Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, National Defense University, Chen Li-Ying from the Management College, National Defense University, Zheng Heng-Chia from the Fu Hsing Kang College, National Defense University, Yang Shi-Wei from the National Defense Medical Center, Li Zhi-Lian from the R.O.C. Army Academy, and Shen Chi-Hung from the Air Force Institute of Technology for the College Youth Award. Colonel Zhang Zhen-Dong from the R.O.C. Naval Academy and Staff Sergeant Yeh Wei-Jie from the Penghu Defense Command have been nominated for the Society Youth Award. Colonel Yang Fu-Zheng from the 209th Military Armaments Bureau and Chen Shu-Zhen from the Tri-Service General Hospital Songshan Branch have won the award in the Youth Medal Award.