Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Li Yi-Hao, Taipei, March 25th) Meeting with the award-winners of the “2016 National Youth Award”, Colonel Yang Fu-Zheng and Lieutenant Colonel Chen Shu-Zhen today, Minister of National Defense Gao Guang-Chi acknowledged their positive energy that has won honor on behalf of the military and encouraged them to continue spreading the proactive attitude to stimulate more outstanding cadres to look towards them and restructure the quality image of the military and boost the overall improvement of the military.

Accompanied by the Director of the Political Warfare Bureau Lieutenant General Wen Zhen-Chung, the Minister praised Colonel Yang Fu-Zheng from the Armaments Bureau, and two award-winners, including Lieutenant Colonel Chen Shu-Zhen, from the Tri-Service General Hospital Songshan Branch in the morning, and presented with tokens to acknowledge their outstanding performance.

The Minister pointed out that the “Youth Award” was organized by the China Youth Corps to reward youths for their exceptional qualities and achievements in all walks of the society and to praise the youths for their major contributions to the country. This year, the 330 contestants will also have to go through rounds of strict preliminary, semi-final, and final contests to emerge victorious for the award. This is not just an individual honor but also the honor of the military.

The Minister expressed that Colonel has always completed his duties responsibly at the Military Armaments Bureau, strived to ensure the autonomy of national defense, and made exceptional contributions to the development of the Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle. As the award-winner of the “Loyalty and Courageous Category” of the Award, his spirit should be the role model of the military officers and soldiers.

In addition, as the award-winner of the “Responsibility Category” of the Award, Lieutenant Colonel Chen Shu-Zhen received the acknowledgement of the Minister for her contributions in clinical healthcare over the past 20 years. Her positive attitude, warmth, and compassion, as well as her professional and high-quality medical services, in her careful service of the military officers and soldiers and the civilians has made her worthy of receiving the award.