Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Guo Chia-Liang, Hsinchu, March 24th) In the inspection visit of the Army 206th Brigade today, Chief of General Staff Yen Teh-Fa expressed acknowledgement for the hard work of the officers and soldiers on behalf of the Minister of National Defense, Gao Guang-Chi, and encouraged them to continue their dedication to their duties, and to strengthen the professional proficiency of the drill instructors to ensure the training improvement of the new recruits and develop qualified riflemen.

Accompanied by the officials of the Ministry of National Defense, Chief Yen visited the 206th Brigade in the morning to understand more about the recent missions, training routine and planning, weapons maintenance, and combat skills training of the unit, and expressed his recognition at the implementation of the training according to schedule, the progressive approach of the training, and the maintaining of the training results while ensuring safety.

During the inspection, Chief Yen visited the different training venues to observe the grenade training of the new recruits and instructed the officers to pay special attention to the pre-training warm-up and safety issues to avoid accidents and injuries, and also asked after the living and studying conditions of the soldiers. At the same time, the Chief also instructed the officers to show more care and concern for the troops, and also give “clear instructions and explanations” to let the new recruits feel the warmth of the military family and allow effective unity so that they may train without distractions. The officers should also conduct recruitment promotion to attract talents for the military.

Placing a great emphasis on the establishment of the training control room in the basic training units, Chief Yen has ordered the officers to implement improved plans and programs to issue standardized charts and handouts for the training subjects and ensure strict training to convert the recruits from “civilians to soldiers”. Chief Yen also stressed that as the backbone of the basic training units, the drill instructors should frequently research on the guidelines and lesson procedures to enrich their own professional proficiency. He also instructed the officials and officers to ensure proper arrangement of the training batches and breaks so that the officers and soldiers may get enough rest to ensure the training quality.