Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Ying-Zhu, Taipei, March 23rd) Minister of National Defense Gao Guang-Chi met with Li Tzi-Cheng and 8 other military academy students who have won the honor of “2016 National Outstanding College Students” today and encouraged them to develop military ethics and exhibit confidence to become the defining power to social progress and national development.

Meeting with Li Tzi-Cheng, Chen Xin-Yu, Tsai Dong-Yu, Xiao Wen-Cheng, Chen Li-Ying, Zheng Heng-Chia, Yang Shi-Wei, Li Zhi-Lian, and Shen Chi-Hong in the Bo-Ai Military Base, Ministry of National Defense in the morning, Minister Gao awarded them with prizes in recognition of their outstanding performance and for wining honor for themselves, the military academies and the military.

National Defense Minister expressed that the winning of the “2016 National Outstanding College Students” was no easy feat. Besides exceptional character and academic qualities, the students must also exhibit outstanding performances in other areas, including serving as leaders in the school communities and societies, volunteering in social and welfare services, or contributing ingenuity and innovation, as well as excelling in aspects such as talents and sports, to emerge from among their peers. This is not just a personal achievement but also the honor of the school and the military.

The Minister pointed out that this year marks the 63rd year for the Youth Recognition Day which is created primarily to commemorate the “selfless sacrifices for the greater good” and the vigorous youth aspirations of the martyrs of the Yellow Flower Mound revolt. As youths are the future pillars of the society, military academy students should take the lead forward.

The Minister stressed that the award-winning students would soon enter the military to become the strong pillars of the military and they shall face many challenges. He believes that given their capabilities and potential, the student would be able to play leading roles in the military and exert a positive leading influence to become the role models of all officers and soldiers.

The Minister also expressed his expectations that they will continue to improve and engage in self-enrichment and contribute all that they have learned to their work to enable military improvement and strengthening of the national defense capabilities.