Defense News


(Military News Agency reporter, Chen Ying-Zhu, Taipei, March 22nd) Deputy Minister of National Defense, General Cheng De-Mei will be issuing medals to two retiring officials including Colonel Lin Chiu-Sheng, to honor their contributions to the military building efforts today.

Deputy Minister Cheng received the colonels, Lin Chiu-Sheng and Wu Xi-Cheng in the Bo-Ai Military Base, Ministry of National Defense in the afternoon and presented them with the “Medal of Army Brilliance, A Class” to express gratitude for their hard work and dedication in completing the mission throughout their different positions and duties in their military career.

Deputy Minister Cheng thanked the 2 retiring colonels for their contributions and expressed acknowledgement for their efforts and the high professional qualities exhibited and hoped that they may continue to support through the military building efforts after their retirement by providing suggestions on defense polices and promoting the stable development for defense policy implementation.

Deputy Minister Cheng also reminded the retiring officials that regardless of travel to mainland China, travel or gathering with friends, they should continue to maintain a high degree of awareness and must not disclose any national defense information obtained during their military service to ensure national defense and the security of the nation.

In addition, to assist the retiring officials in understanding their personal rights, related services and confidentiality criteria, the Ministry of National Defense will also arrange for an explanatory session by dedicated staff to express the sincerity and care for the comrades.