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(Military News Agency reporter, Zhuo Yi-Li, Miaoli, March 21st) In order to increase the public awareness of disaster relief, and to integrate the disaster relief resources of the government and the private sectors, the Miaoli county government will be organizing the 2016 National Civil Mobilization cum Disaster Relief (Min-An 2) Exercise and the Civil-Military Joint Air Defense (Wan-An 39) Exercise today in the hopes that the Exercises will effectively increase the response capacities of the different departments and advocate the correct concepts of disaster rescue to ensure the protection of lives and properties.

The exercise is implemented in three stages, the first stage is the organizing of war game simulation in Miaoli Reserve Command, the second stage is Civil-Military Joint Air Defense (Wan-An 39) Exercise in which the people and traffic control are implemented, and the third stage is the comprehensive implementation where the disaster relief exercise is conducted at the model airport along Houlong River, Chingkuo Rd, Miaoli.

The comprehensive implementation of the exercise has simulated the disaster in Miaoli county under heavy rainy seasons and the incidence of an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 after the heavy rains, and has included the cooperation of 28 disaster relief departments in Miaoli, such as civil volunteer organizations, the National Airborne Service Corps of the Ministry of Interior, the Special Search and Rescue Team of the National Fire Agency of the Ministry of Interior, Miaoli Reserve Command, 586th Armor Brigade, 52th Engineer Group, New Taipei City Fire Department and Nantou County Fire Department. These departments will conduct 20 exercises, such as providing disaster relief and prevention works in the communities, establishing disaster response centers, evacuating the people, conducting rescue operations in toxic chemical plants and collapsed buildings.

During the exercise, the “Mobilization, Disaster Relief and Comprehensive Combat” reporting system is also used and the resources of the government and civil sectors are integrated. Guided by the principles of “Prevention is more important than rescue and Evacuation is better than Prevention” and the aims of disaster relief in major complex disasters, the exercises will increase the concepts of disaster prevention and civil defense.